We have designed a pessary
device that allows women with
CI carry their baby to full-term.

Cervos Pessary

Our device will provide support and alleviate the direct pressure on the cervix.

CAD Design

image To combat preterm births associated with CI we propose a pessary that consists of two components. The top component will envelop the cervix and keep it closed; the bottom portion will aid in keeping the devicein place. The device will be composed of FDA approved material.


image The inflatable portion will envelope the cervix. The flexible component will extend downwards into the vaginal canal to provide added support therefore, ensuring it will stay in place.


Insertion of Pessary

  1. Pessary is folded and inserted into vaginal fornix
  2. Vaginal ultrasound is done to assure correct positioning

Removal of Pessary

  1. The device is removed by a medical professional